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Вот так нас поливают каждый день. Муж мне доказывает, чито это выхлопы от обычных самолетов. Ага, конечно, самолеты у нас летают в клеточку и елочку и ступеньки и квадратики. А иногда летят прямо, потом на глазах разворачиваются на 180 градусов и летят обратно, вроде как что-то забыли в аэропорту. В такие дни стараюсь не проводить много времени на улице, потому что болит голова. Это свеженькие линии, через час они растянутся и превратятся в сплошной белый туман. Тогда надо уходить в помещение, кто его знает что там.

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here are four simple steps to decrease your consumption of GM foods as much as possible:
  • Reduce or eliminate processed foods in your diet. The fact that 75 percent of processed foods contain GM ingredients is only one of the many reasons to stick to a whole foods diet.
  • Read produce and food labels. Conventionally raised soybeans and corn make up the largest portion of genetically modified crops. Ingredients made from these foods include high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), corn flour and meal, dextrin, starch, soy sauce, margarine, and tofu.
  • Buy organic produce. By definition, food that is certified organic must be free from all GM organisms, produced without artificial pesticides and fertilizers and from an animal reared without the routine use of antibiotics, growth promoters or other drugs. Additionally, grass-fed beef will not have been fed GM corn feed.


The True Food Shopping Guide is a great tool for helping you determine which brands and products contain GM ingredients. It lists 20 different food categories that include everything from baby food to chocolate

Non-GMO shoppers' guide

Original here http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/09/03/monsanto-caused-an-estimated-150000-farmer-suicides.aspx

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Developing the preppers mindset can lead to over-reaction unless you are able to recognize stress for what it really. Stress is almost always bad for you. It can lead to a myriad of health problems to include trouble with your blood pressure and heart. In these unsure times of economic upheaval and political uncertainty alot of people are awakening to the reality that things just don’t seem right. This uncertainty almost always leads to stress in one form or another. Below you will find 8 steps that'll help you overcome the strangle hold that stress can have on you.

  1. Change your focus. When stress starts to set in, remove yourself from the offending environment for five to ten minutes. Turn off the news and/or close your web browser. Go outside and take a walk. The new setting can arouse your senses and replace your stress with more pleasing stimuli.
  2. Start exercising. Physical activity can give you a feeling of control and work off your negative energy. Breathing slowly and deeply also helps prevent stress from overwhelming you.
  3. Write it down. Records your thoughts about what's bothering you and help yourself put stress into perspective. The act of writing down your concerns helps you adopt an outlook of healthy detachment.
  4. Develop a sense of humor. Learn to Laugh out Loud at the bullshit as often as possible.
  5. Stop everything. When you start feeling stressed, stop what you're doing and spend just a few minutes breathing deeply.
  6. Say no to what you don't have time to do. Lowering the demands you put on yourself actually relieves stress. Sometimes saying no is necessary in taking care of yourself.
  7. Take care of of the hard stuff in the morning to get them out of the way. Usually in the morning when you are fresh and rested is the best time to take care of projects that require concentration. Look at large projects as a series of steps to complete one by one.
  8. Live for today. We prep in order to buy ourselves a sense of security. Learn to live in the moment. Prepare for worst but play and pray like there’s no tomorrow because you just never know.
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